Click, Create, Learn

Why what you do on Clicademy matters?

To click, create, and learn summarises the user experience on Clicademy.

Clicademy is drawn on a blank sheet, starting with zero traffic and zero online visibility. It invites users to experience its beginning and growth to learn the analytics of the site traffics.

Click start of a journey to learn digital analytics
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This experience benefit people interested in digital marketing and its enabling technologies. On the journey with Clicademy, users can do three things: click to use the site, create traffic data, and learn from the analytics.

Now we are to get more clicks. Clicademy goes live as a minimum viable product (MVP). Clicademists, who are a group of enthusiastic marketing and software volunteers, will implement agile marketing and use content marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social and email marketing to attract clicks to site. On weekly basis, Clicademy publishes a timely planning and results report on the performance of the site.

In the spirit that Every Click Counts, once you have clicked in Clicademy, you start to create traffic data. Our analytics tools will capture the traffic and present the data in the dashboards. The more you use the site, the greater amount and richness of data you will create.

Opening up the analytics data is for you to learn from the data. Learning digital analytics for marketing with our users is what really matters for Clicademy, who supports the learning with regular Insights reports. In the near future, Clicademy will release its Forum function for users to share learning with each other.

So click to join Clicademy and start to create the analytics and insights for you to learn.

Have fun.

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