Updates from the Server Room (v1.2)

“Meet customers where they are.” — learning to inspire this week’s updates from the server room.

Adding the newsletter feature to the Home page was great (read the full story), but we quickly realized how we are missing a really big opportunity that can help many more users sign up for the newsletter. And that is right after they finish reading a blog post.

In the spirit of “meetings your customers where they are“, we decide to add a newsletter sign-up form at the bottom of every blog post. For people who enjoyed reading our articles and would want to sign up for additional content, this would be the exact place where a newsletter sign-up form can help them achieve their goal.

As a caveat, the WordPress theme we are using requires the newsletter widget to be displayed at the very bottom of the page. Ideally, the newsletter form should be displayed above the footer that has the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy and Cookies” links as well as the social media buttons, and even more effectively, it should be displayed above the “Comments” section of a blog post. We’ll observe the performance and see if there is a need to build something custom that can circumvent the limit from the theme.

Additional tweaks

  • We have renamed “Dashboard” to “Real Data” in the site navigation. The name echoes our tag line “Learn Digital Analytics for Marketing with Real Data“.
  • We have moved the “Site search” widget from the footer into the top navigation bar. This allows a clean and focused footer that can help the newsletter form stand out.
  • We have added an “Engineering” category in the “Insights” navigation dropdown menu. It will be home to more posts like the one you are reading right now.

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