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Marketing analytic insights using real online data

Clicademy is the world’s first Internet source of live, open, and real traffic data for aspiring marketing and data professionals to learn digital analytics. You can get access to data today. Find out our free membership.

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A learning community by you, with you, for you

Clicademy builds a go-to destination for the data intelligence community to create, share, and learn data insights.

Be the future of marketing technology

Clicademy is a marketing technology boot camp. Grow your martech vision and horizon with Clicademy. Read more in our Insights section about digital analytics for marketing and how technology drives marketing.

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Privacy and terms

Built on the ideal of enabling digital marketing learning and practising using real online data, Clicademy offers site visitors and registered members access to our traffic analytics, reports, and online community activities. Unlike other analytics sites, the data on this site are created by the visitors to this site in real time. Your digital footprint is recorded and shared within the Clicademy community of registered members. To see how we value and protect your data and privacy, read our privacy and cookie policy.

How does it work?

Clicademy opens its traffic logs for users to see and learn digital analytics using real and timely online data.

On Clicademy our users can do three things: Create, Share, Learn.

  • Create: Users create online log data when they use Clicademy website, social media, emails, and mobile interfaces.
  • Share: The log data are shared securely and anonymously among Clicademy members for them to build digital marketing insights. The more you use Clicademy, the more you contribute to the sharing.
  • Learn: Users learn not only digital analytics using real data, but build marketing insights through our analysis and reports. Clicademy is also a platform to learning about new marketing technologies.