About insights

The Insights page carries all articles, analysis, and reports produced by our Clicademists. The Insights items record how Clicademy grows and conducts its marketing, supported by data analytics.

The Insights items are categorised by topics and timelines. We start with following topical categories:

  • Communications: Our Clicademists regularly produce marketing content to explain our products, propositions, strategies, missions, user values, etc.
  • Planning: Our explanations of periodical marketing goals, objectives, KPIs, etc.
  • Reporting: We use data to report how our plans are unfolding.
  • Stories in Analytics: We reflect upon our projects and discuss the learnings. We welcome our members to contribute to the stories.
  • Learning: Clicademists share learning in marketing and technology.

We will open Clicademy as an online community and invite our members to produce and contribute to all topics listed above.

All Clicademy content is searchable. We link out to other knowledge sources when necessary.