Terms of Use

Our website address is: https://www.clicademy.com.

Clicademy.com (henceforward referred to as “Clicademy” or “we” or “us” or “our” or “ours”) and its affiliated online and offline presences (henceforward referred to as “Presence(s)”) intend to make accessible to you, who are our Presence online visitors, users and registered members, some of our products, features, content, information, communications, services, trade marks, proprietary brands, data, and functionalities (together referred to as “Properties” henceforward) that we have released and/or are still testing and/or are continuing developing or updating. We make these Properties available to you via either free or subscription-based membership accesses.

By joining a membership with us and using the Properties, you are agreeing to this Terms of Use agreement. If you are entering into this agreement on behalf of an organisation, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind your organisation and users of and/or associated with your organisation to this agreement. Should you wish to diagree with these Terms, you should stop using our Properties. Specifically, the Terms of Use agreement discusses following topics:

Our Properties

“Properties” hereby means any products, features, content, information, communications, services, trade marks, proprietary brands, data, and functionalities made available by us for you to access. You will access our Properties through either freely browsing our website or engaging with our other online Presences via social, mobile, mobile, blockchain, and other media, or you will access them via these media through registered free or paid memberships, or you will engage with our offline Presences such as activities, print handouts, and exhibitions and meetings in person. As a result and notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this agreement or any other agreement between you and us: (a) you may use or decline to use any Properties; (b) Properties may not be supported, may be changed, and may be discontinued by us at any time without notice; (c) Properties may not be as reliable or available as other products or services you use; (d) Properties have not been subjected to the same security measures and auditing to which other established products or services may have been subjected; and (e) We will have no liability arising out of or in connection with any Properties. You use the Properties at your own discretion. In many cases, we will replace the Properties with newer versions and updates and upgrades in order to provide the best user experience and values. Your use of the Properties is also governed by our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Purposes of using the Properties

You agree to use our Properties for the purpose of learning knowledges and practising skills related to digital data analytics, digital marketing, and marketing technology, a.k.a, Martech. You may share our Properties with other people via your own online and offline media with proper links and references given to us as the source. You may use or cite our Properties for education, training, and research purposes under the condition that you reference us properly. Commercial use or resales of our Properties are prohibited unless prior agreements have been reached between you and us. Any attempts that are not approved by us to get access to our user data and the personal information of our users that are stored on our hardwares and/or cloud-based storages are to be seen as grave offence to related governing laws.

User contributions and user studies

You agree to contribute to our Properties as a user through but not limited to these methods: (a) you may leave online log data and/or traffic and behaviour data when you use our Properties and visit our online Presences; (b) you may leave personal information when register with us as a member to use our Properties and online and offline Presences; (c) you may create Clicademy Properties by adding content, information, comments, feedbacks, thoughts, and data in all formats onto our Presences. (d) You may be invited to participate in online or in-person user studies conducted and recorded by us or our approved business and academic partners. You agree to and hereby assign to us all right, title, and interest in the data collected through the studies and you grant us permission to use the data (or other output) of the studies for our research for business development purposes and/or for academic studies. We will guard the data and dispose of them following the requirements of GDPR. Your personal information and data contributions are also protected by our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Rights to and ownership of the Properties

You may use the Properties only for the purposes agreed in this Term of Use agreement. You agree to take reasonable measures to protect the copyrights and intellectual asset ownerships of the Properties. Your contributions, feedbacks, data, content and information, edits to content, and creation of patents and inventions of technology onto the Clicademy Presences become our properties immediately upon their creation and during the entire period of their existences until further and separate agreements between you and us. We will retain all ownership, rights, title, and interest in and to the Properties. This agreement does not grant you any intellectual property rights or other rights of ours, except for the limited right to use Properties for the purposes agreed.


Some of our Presences may allow you to download and/or use software that we use as part of the Properties. The software may update automatically. So long as you comply with these Terms of Use, we give you a limited, nonexclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use the software, solely to access the Properties and our Presences. To the extent any component of the software may be offered under an open source license, we’ll make that license available to you and the provisions of that license may expressly override this agreement. Unless the following restrictions are prohibited by law, you agree not to reverse engineer or decompile the Properties and Presences, to attempt to do so, or to assist anyone in doing so.

We may also make available to you software that we have sourced from third-party owners and providers. Examples of such software include web development tools, digital data analytics tools, online education and training platforms, tracking software, and online payment and other financial technology solutions. Should you agree to use the third-party software, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policies stipulated by these third-parties and agree not to hold us liable for any obligations related to the software.


Either you or we may terminate this agreement at any time for any reason upon prior written notice (email is acceptable and should be sent to support@clicademy.com). We may terminate your access to the Properties and our Presences at any time for any reasons. Upon written request (email is acceptable) or termination of this agreement, you will immediately cease using the Properties. Obligations with respect to your personal information already collected by us will be governed by our Privacy and Cookies Policy which we have created in compliances with the GDPR legal requirements.

Modifications and amendments

We may revise this Terms of Use agreement from time to time and the most current version will always be posted on our websites. If we deem a revision to be material, we will notify you (for example via email to the address associated with your account). Other revisions may be posted to our website and other Presences, so please check them regularly. By continuing to access or use the Properties after revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the new terms, please stop using our Properties.


This Terms of Use agreement has been effective since 19th December 2019 and is governed by the UK law except for its conflicts of law principles. All claims arising out of or relating to these Terms must be litigated exclusively in the courts of the United Kingdom except its overseas territories. Both you and we consent to the venue and personal jurisdiction in those courts. However, some countries (including those in the European Union) have laws that require agreements to be governed by the local laws of the consumer’s country or that give consumers the right to bring disputes in their local courts. This paragraph doesn’t override those laws.

This agreement is the complete and exclusive statement regarding its subject matter and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements except for our Privacy and Cookies Policy. Failure to enforce any provision of this agreement is not a waiver. If any provision is unenforceable, the other provisions will remain effective. You may not assign this agreement, in whole or in part, without our prior written consent, and any assignment otherwise is void. This agreement does not create any joint venture or partnership relationship. There are no third party beneficiaries to this agreement.