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About membership

Members of Clicademy will have different experiences when using the site’s content and real-time analytics data from what general visitors can do.


VISITORS of the site do not need to register. Visitors can access site guide documentations (such as this one), highlights of our regular Insights content, and selected samples of membership content. In order to get full access to membership content such as the data Dashboard, please sign up with Clicademy.


MEMBERS can access following content:
Data Dashboard: real-time site traffic data by Google Analytics in an Analytify dashboard.
Insights: Regular site promotion plans (so you know what to look out for in the days to come).
Insights: Regular promotion result analysis (so you know what worked).
Email reports and updates sent to registered members.
Plus all that is available for non-registered visitors.

Membership plus

MEMBERSHIP PLUS currently is not available and will be launched as Clicademy grows. For a very small fee over a given period of time, plus members can access not only the web analytics data, but also the social media, mobile, email traffic, SEM, and SEO data, so as to have a comprehensive marketing analytics insight of Clicademy. Clicademy will update you when the paid membership is ready to be launched.