Updates From the Server Room (v1.1)

👋 Bye bye paywall

With this update, all the posts are now free to read for the general public. You no longer need to sign up for an account in order to read our articles. To achieve this, we have removed access restriction on all Posts/Pages. It was previously restricted with the Ultimate Member plug-in.

Note that the Dashboard page still requires an account, and it remains free.

🏠 A new home page

We constantly tinker our design to explore new possibilities of UI/UX. With this update, we bring in easier access to content and spiced up our visual language with colors, and colors, and more colors!

Drag the middle to compare: Before and After home page redesign
  • Latest articles are featured above the fold. No sign-in needed to get taste of Clicademy.
  • We are going for the “electric” feel with vibrant gradients.
  • Returning members will get an “Open Dashboard” button frontend and center, allowing quick access to our analytics dashboard.
  • Simplified header
    • We are hiding tag line “Every click counts”. We might use it in other places.
    • We switched from the gradient logo to a singled colored one. It’s Easier to read while conveying a cleaner brand image.
  • New colors: actions, links, and primary buttons now carry a brighter purple/magenta accent to stand out from the default WordPress 2020 accent color, which was darker and more pedestrian looking.

Lastly, drum roll…

💌 The newsletter is live !

  • We have integrated with The Newsletter Plugin.
  • Yes, everyone uses MailChimp. We have considered MailChimp. The user experience is great. The integration is simple. There are countless plugins in WordPress marketplace. But it’s just too expensive! TNP has an unlimited free-tier so why not give it a try?
  • User can subscribe/unsubscribe to our newsletter without creating an account. This means if you are currently a member, you won’t be automatically added to the newsletter audience group. If you would like to subscribe, please click the appropriate “Subscribe” button on the Home page.

<end of transmission>