Social marketing

10. Tips to improve your Social Media presence

  1. Create new content periodically: each social network has a certain times per week/day sharing needed, follow it. To be consistent in your work, plan a calendar that reminds you when and what to post.
  2. Generate different type of content, so diversify it: videos, texts, pictures; don’t be boring!
  3. Make your content smart: your content should be interactive and interesting, this is because you want to create a community, and to do that people need to be involved.
  4. Use tags that are trending at the moment you post (of course they need to be coherent with your stuff)
  5. Create a link which connect all your social media accounts. (Ex. always write your Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin account link in your Fb description)
  6. Always reply to comments and Direct Messages
  7. Have a look at your competitors: if they are doing good, take some inspiration from them
  8. Use hashtags: people are lazy, the less time it takes to reach something, the more probably people will click on it.
  9. Create a community little by little, so interact and involve people with your content
  10. Be patient! Growing takes time

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