Objective 1: Build Organic Website Traffic

Today 6th of August 2020, we set the marketing objective for Clicademy as to build up organic website traffic from the current zero basis in the next five and half weeks.

To attempt the objective we will use two strategies: search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing.

SEO implementation

Since we are a WordPress site, we will take the advantage of many possible SEO plugin options. We chose the Yoast SEO plugin and started to configure it for both Google and Bing search engines.

search engine optimisation as a method to build organic website traffic
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We will share in our Insights blogs how it goes.

In our future phases of SEO attempts, we will switch to other plugins. Hopefully we will learn and tell about their differences. We’d like to do this as one form of our A/B testing trials.

Content Marketing

We have started to frequently update our Insights blogs. The primary purpose of the blogs is to attract and engage our site visitors and members. Also they keep our website active, because search engines like active sites.

content marketing blogs to build website organic traffic
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We currently have planned four types of Insights blogs. Some types are exclusively for Clicademy members.


These blogs are Clicademy announcements and introductions. They are marketing and communication messages. They are open to all site visitors. You do not need to be a Clicademy member to read them.

Planning (members only)

This item you are reading now is a planning blog. We aim to regularly communicate with you our site development and growth plans. In the future we will ask you for ideas. But we are not in a rush to build a world’s top 100 site. Rather we want to create learning using clear and manageable data analytics. So we plan to do one or two things at a time. No more than three. So that the data can clearly measure our performances.

Reporting (members only)

We will publish timely logs to report our activities and performances. We will report and visualise the website data. The reports will present facts and figures rather than opinions and thoughts. They are objective narratives to tell you what happened on Clicademy and how. They provide data for you to analyse.


These blogs are analysis, thoughts, and reflections for the purpose of develop learning. Most of these blogs will use discuss the meaning of the Clicademy data. However the Clicademist bloggers may from time to time take the liberty to share their thoughts and passion in computer and data science and digital marketing. We will select a limited number of these blogs to be openly accessible for marketing purposes.

Lastly but not the least, we will use the Clicademy page on LinkedIn as the social media platform for content marketing. We will expand to other social media but for now we keep things simple.

Our current focus is to build organic website traffic.