A Working Hypothesis

Clicademy aims at solving a problem for many learners and future digital marketers: accessing the real and timely website analytics data.

Clicademy provides the members with open access to its traffic data, which are generated by the users of the website and the associated social media platforms. Every click will be counted and recorded in the data sheets on which analytic insights build up. Members are invited to view and make use of these back-end traffic data.

Also, consider Clicademy an enabler of digital marketing practices. It periodically sets marketing goals and KPIs, and uses the website data to provide regular analyses of the performances. Currently the newly-born Clicademy goals are to build up traffic and to increase member subscriptions.

Users, as they grow in number, will create the network effect that will eventually benefit everyone who is a Clicademy member.

This is what we assume, and what you make it work.

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