Every Click Counts

This is about the beginning of it. And what members of Clicademy can expect to see how analytics work to count site clicks.

Clicademy starts with answering a few questions. Where to find real website data when learning digital analytics? How to do search engine optimisation (SEO) without having to own and maintain an operative website? How to practise AdWords without owning a live case…?

It is human instinct to count. So does analytics count every click on websites.
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Questions as such have long troubled digital marketing learners preparing for a career journey in data intelligence and marketing analytics. answers to the needs of students, teachers, and professionals to learn digital analytics and related marketing technology. It serves them with real online data that they have created and shared on this very website.

Initially, the popular Google Analytics will count site clicks on this website. It is the go-to tool preferred by many to kick start their journey of digital insights. As soon as clicking into Clicademy, members will have their digital footprints recorded and made sense with by regular analytical reports written by our Clicademists, who will moderate the growth of the service by setting periodical site performance objectives and measuring the results.

Clicademy opens its heart and mind to enable your learning journey. The scarcity of real analytics data is due to the fact that no other websites in the world would open up their back-end traffic for visitors to see.

Hence, Clicademy is unique. But we are not reckless. Our transparency is up to the degree to maximise your learning and insights, but is down to earth to safeguard your trust and privacy.

As one of the earliest visitors, you may wonder what if Clicademy started with a zero traffic so that there would be not much to see.

Consider yourself stepping into a game field to see the first-hand history of how this site grows. Visit it on different devices. Log in from various locations. Click the links. Share the site. Invite people to join Clicademy. Feel free to bounce off, linger on, and wander about.

Consider it a privilege: the fewer the co-visitors, the clearer your digital footprints to be visible.

We are expecting the magics of the network effects will one day step in to make this website loaded with useful data and insights. So share this service and invite your like-minded colleagues, co-learners, and friends to join this gamification journey to grow the site.

Believe that every click counts. Especially yours.

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