What are the most effective tools for digital marketing?

Choosing top digital marketing tools depends on the area of marketing you’re active in. In theory, digital tools should be able to boost your performance and help you focus on the creative side of things, instead of performing manual tasks endlessly.

I’ve tested out a few digital marketing tools and eventually picked my top five:

Social media tool: Kontentino

Kontentino. Mostly because it has some additional features that are extremely useful to me when managing social media, such as client-friendly approvals (within the app, without the need to exchange countless emails), not to mention the intuitive calendar that lets the whole team handle all profiles across social networks from one place. It really makes a difference if you manage a lot of accounts.

Link tool: RockerLink

RocketLink.There’s no social media marketing and content promotion without shortened links. RocketLink definitely proves to be a great solution for this purpose – it doesn’t only let you shorten URLs but also customize them by adding many elements to them, like chat boxes. Speaking of…

Conversational marketing tool: Live chat by LiveAgent

Live chat by LiveAgent. Somehow, conversational marketing is still not leveraged by many marketers out there. I find LiveAgent’s live chat very intuitive to use and make good use of, which I definitely recommend.

Programs manage tool: Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro. If you rather dig into affiliate marketing, it doesn’t get easier than with Post Affiliate Pro. It has a truly intuitive dashboard for both merchants and affiliates, which makes the programs easy to manage.

Files manage tool: Filecamp

Filecamp. It makes storing, managing and sharing all my files and visuals easily, no matter their size. This way, I can keep all my assets well-organized and find whatever I’m looking for in an instant.

That’s my toolbox in a nutshell. Still, when choosing yours, think of your needs first before you start giving some tools a try. Only then you can truly establish what works best for you and make an informed choice in the end.