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Weekly Digital Marketing Roundup (May 13 – 20)

The past week’s digital marketing roundup features Amazon, TikTok, and the resurgence of GameFi, which was boosted by recent bullish crypto activities. Also, Web3 marketing has made new moves. Digital marketing in Europe is poised for a robust recovery.

European Digital Marketing Recovery: In 2024, European digital marketing agencies are poised for a rebound, driven by AI optimism and an improving economy. After a tough 2023, where inflation and competitive pressures led to a decline in advertising budgets, the sector is now experiencing a surge in positive sentiment. A study by JEGI CLARITY and CIL Management Consultants reveals that all surveyed executives anticipate growth, with many expecting over 5% growth. This confidence is fuelling M&A activities, as firms seek to expand geographically, especially into the US market, leveraging AI to enhance operations and drive top-line growth.

Amazon’s Ad Tech Expansion: Amazon is enhancing its advertising technology for publishers, particularly in connected TV apps, with the introduction of Signal IQ, a new tool for tracking the impact of third-party data on advertising deals. Announced at the Amazon Publisher Services Summit in New York, these developments are part of the shift away from traditional internet-tracking cookies, aiming to provide publishers with alternative targeting and measurement methods for ads. The move signifies Amazon’s commitment to adapting to the evolving digital advertising landscape in a post-cookie era.

TikTok Creator Concerns: Dozens of TikTok creators are sharing their experiences with problematic brand partnerships in their “Get Ready With Me” videos. They’ve exposed various unethical requests from brands, such as being asked to say or do certain things in sponsored content. This trend highlights the need for transparency and ethical practices in influencer marketing. These issues suggest that creators and brands must learn from these revelations to foster a more honest and responsible marketing environment.

Web3 Marketing Revolution: With its transformative potential, Web3 marketing aims to decentralise the internet’s advertising landscape, currently dominated by tech giants like Google and Facebook. Web3 marketing project Mode Mobile, which rewards users for everyday activities, has seen significant growth, an example of direct consumer engagement without intermediaries. Also, Cookie3, a platform that empowers creators and micro-influencers to connect with brands, uses zero-knowledge proofs to preserve user privacy while allowing targeted advertising. Web3 marketing could lead to more sustainable and effective advertising models, fostering a closer brand-consumer relationship and potentially reshaping the internet experience.

Influencer Marketing Trends: Ad Age published this week’s influencer marketing roundup highlighting the latest collaborations and trends at the intersection of brands and the creator economy. Key incidents include Duracell’s continuing partnership with Ariana Madix, Ring’s new campaign featuring pet influencers, and Hellmann’s creative attempt to set a new nail trend. The growth of creator-led businesses and notable social media platforms shape the evolving landscape of digital marketing and advertising technology.

GameFi Resurgence: The crypto industry is witnessing a resurgence of GameFi projects as cryptocurrency prices soar, with Bitcoin eyeing all-time highs. Immutable’s release of Guild of Guardians on mobile platforms and Animoca Brands Japan’s collaboration with Square Enix for Symbiogenesis highlight the sector’s growth. Additionally, Seraph Studio’s Seraph: In the Darkness has achieved significant sales, and Pixels game’s popularity continues to rise, contrasting with the previous cycle’s dominance by Axie Infinity. This wave of new projects signals a robust and evolving GameFi ecosystem.

Infinix Digital’s Publishing Revolution: Infinix Digital, a Plano, Texas-based publishing and digital marketing firm, has launched comprehensive services for authors and writers to enhance their visibility in the literary world. Established in 2023, the company offers publication on major platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with global distribution to over 40,000 retailers and libraries. They provide multiple format options, including e-books and Audiobooks, and advanced digital marketing strategies to boost online presence and book sales. Infinix Digital hence bridges the gap between authors and audiences by offering a suite of services that cater to the digital demands of today’s publishing industry.

InnoVision’s Creative Triumph: InnoVision Marketing Group, a full-service marketing agency, has been awarded the Gold Content Marketing Award at the 2024 Sandie Awards for their “Find Your PersonaliTEA” campaign for Krak Boba. The campaign, which introduced “PersonaliTEAs” to match bubble tea flavours with customer personalities, has garnered significant media attention and resulted in over $56,500 in earned media value. The success of the campaign is evident in the over 300,000 actions taken on Krak Boba’s social media profiles, reflecting the campaign’s resonance with consumers using social media creativity.

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